Select the user to be displayed/configured.
Overridden by profile
The settings done are only valid as long as they are not overridden by a profile.
[Name configuration]
In the displayed configuration, the function is overridden by the displayed setting.
not overridden
The function is currently not overridden by a profile.
(not profile-controlled)
The function cannot be controlled with a profile.
*Further help under Profiles
Preliminary pick-up query and monitoring
•VoIP end device which can evaluate the available information by BLF
All information about the calls of the user is available for evaluation by BLF.
A preliminary pick-up query allows a user, even before a pick-up, to see which caller he would be picking up.
*Note: When switched off, no phone numbers of the user's calls will be transmitted by BLF.
Call pick-up
Existing calls of this user may not be taken over.
Existing calls of this user may be taken over by every other phone.
Existing calls of this user may be taken over by members of groups the user is also member of. It does not make any difference if the user is currently logged-in or -out.
*Further help under Pick-Up and Call Pick-Up
Central caller list
The PBX saves the user's data in a central caller list and makes this available on the user's telephone.
*Further help under Central caller list
Intercom permission
Any of the user's telephones that can evaluate the SIP header for Auto Answer automatically accept an InterCom that is sent to that user.
*Further help under InterCom