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Information on Release 1.6.0
New or revised features published with this release are listed here.
*You will find further information about new features in the firmware and the associated documentation on the Internet under Auerswald Support/FONtevo Support.
COMfortel SoftPhone
The PBX supports the COMfortel SoftPhone, a multi-platform client for Windows, Android and iOS. In addition to telephony, Instant Messaging is also possible on several platforms.
*Important: The COmfortel SoftPhone is available licence-free for a limited period of time. For permanent use, please contact your dealer or system partner.
*Further help under Softphone
The REST API makes it possible to call up an set certain parameters or functions of a COMtrexx. Thus, for example, own applications can be used to read in the status of the COMtrexx and its endpoints (telephones, SIP trunks, etc.) and to configure certain functions.
*Further information is provided here: Auerswald DokuWiki.
Storage COMtrexx VM
During the initial setup of a COMtrexx VM, the virtual hard disk is now sufficiently large for storing firmware files, voicemail messages, etc. After updating an existing COMtrexx VM, the virtual hard disk must be increased manually afterwards..
*Further information is provided here: Auerswald DokuWiki.
The PBX regularly carries out a comparison of the licences purchased. After purchasing additional licenses, the comparison can also be started.
*Further help under Licenses
The PBX can now send SIP OPTIONS keep-alives to avoid possible connection losses, e.g. by a firewall. Activate this option in the provider configuration:
•Exchange lines > Providers and Accounts > Name of the provider > > SIP > NAT Keep-Alive