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Central caller list
The PBX can store up to 50 entries per user and the groups assigned to them in its central caller list. This function can be enabled separately for each user so they can access the saved data on their telephone. This is very useful if the roaming user function is also being used. When the user changes from using one telephone to using a different one, their calls are only stored in the central caller list. The local lists cannot access calls that have been made when the user was logged out or calls made on a different telephone.
A COMfortel D-series telephone is required to use the central caller list function. As soon as the user logs onto the telephone, the PBX provisions a key for calling the central caller list. The user can then use this key to display the entries, sorted by incoming calls, missed call or all calls. The local lists can still be accessed as usual.
*Further help under Roaming User
The central caller list of the PBX saves the following data of incoming and outgoing calls:
Name (last name, first name), if known in the central caller list
Telephone Number
Identity (for the user his local phone number, for groups the local group name)
Call duration
If the function was previously or temporarily switched off for the user, the calls during this time of period are not saved in the list. This means they are not displayed on the phone when the function is switched on again.
If the phone is not registered during an incoming call or an update is in progress, the list in the phone is immediately updated when the connection is reestablished.
Functionality for the group
If the user is a member of a group, all calls in this group are saved in the list even when the function is disabled. They are displayed on the phone when the function is switched on again. This applies to all incoming and outgoing calls of all group members.
On an outgoing call of a user via a group, the group name is displayed and not the phone number of the user.
Configuring central caller list seperately for users.
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