The InterCom function enables an audio connection to a system telephone from one or more telephones without someone having to actively receive a call (for example, in a medical practice).
To set up InterCom on a phone number:
1.Dial the programming sequence for InterCom on an internal telephone.
The following rules/restrictions apply:
The destination can be either a single user or a group (several users).
2.The PBX system sends the SIP alert info for Auto Answer to the user's telephones.
The following rules/restrictions apply:
Only users who have permission to use InterCom are taken into account.
A SIP alert info is only sent to telephones that can evaluate it.
3.A free telephone (or more than one) automatically receives the InterCom call and enables the audio connection in one direction.
*Description of operation under InterCom
Switching on the SIP alert info for Auto Answer for telephones that can, and are to, receive InterCom calls.
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Switching on InterCom permission for the user whose telephones are to receive InterCom messages.
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