A user is set up in the PBX on a person-specific basis. The user is assigned a phone number, PIN, password and certain properties.
One user can be temporarily or permanently assigned to up to five telephones. This then means that they can, for example, use a telephone that is configured at their office workplace, a telephone that is in their home office and a DECT telephone in the company building. All the telephones have the user's personal settings and permissions and can be accessed using their phone number. This enables the PBX to identify whether a user's telephone is occupied and inform the caller about this.
The FMC function can also be used to set up a mobile telephone as the user's telephone.
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When a user is permanently assigned to a telephone, they become the owner of that telephone. If the user has this status, they can then log onto and out of the telephone on a temporary basis, for example, to prevent the telephone in their home office from ringing when they are at their office workplace.
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If the user is authorised to use the roaming user function, other special features apply to access to telephones.
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If used in combination with the central caller list, the user is given access to all their calls (incoming and outgoing). This requires a COMfortel D-series telephone.
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If a user is using TAPI on several telephones, they must specify which telephone is controlled by TAPI. This specification is not dynamic and does not change when the user switches from one telephone to another. Initially, the first telephone that was assigned to the user is the one that is active. If the user wants to use a different telephone, they must actively set it as the TAPI telephone.
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Several users can be grouped, in order to be available by the same phone number and/or to acquire additional properties.
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Creating a user with an internal number.
User > Phone numbers > New
Assigning an external number in the call distribution to the user.
Exchange lines > Exchange line routing > Exchange line routing incoming > Call distribution for
Assigning properties to the user.
User > Phone numbers >
User > Profiles
Making general settings for all users.
User > Functional Overview > Global settings
Assigning users to the telephones.
Telephones > Assignment
Alternative function on an internal phone
Set telephone as TAPI telephone
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