Use FMC (abbreviation for Fixed Mobile Convergence) to set up a mobile telephone as the user's telephone, so it can be accessed at any time on the mobile phone network.
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At the same time, the mobile telephone configured for FMC is also given the authorisation to handle outgoing calls via the PBX. On outgoing calls, FMC acts like Call Through except that FMC is user-specific. The called person does not receive the mobile number or the central company number but the number that is also transferred from the office phone of the user.
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The phone number to be transferred is configured in the exchange line routing outgoing and the according exchange line routing rule set is assigned to the user. Using the CLIP no screening function (availability on the account provided) allows a free assignment of the phone number to be transferred independently from the used connection.
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An FMC call is displayed in the call data.
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Outgoing calls from a mobile telephone are made as follows:
1.Dialling the predefined external number of the PBX for Call Through.
2.The PBX accepts the call and signals this with a special tone.
3.Entering the 6-digit user PIN and *.
4.Based on the transmitted phone number and PIN, the PBX checks whether the caller has the authorisation for FMC.
5.You will hear the dial tone and you have the following options:
You dial an internal telephone number.
You dial an external number with prefix.
6.After checking (block- and allowlist), the connection is established.
*Important: Emergency calls via this function are only possible under certain conditions.
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*Description of operation under FMC
If required, enable CLIP no screening on the account that is to be used for FMC/Call Through.
Exchange lines > Providers and Accounts > > Miscellaneous
Assigning a phone number of the account for Call Through.
Exchange lines > Exchange line routing > > Exchange line routing incoming > Call distribution for
*Note: If possible, have the mobile phone operator enter the PBX number as special number (higher cost savings).
If required, create your own exchange line routing rule set to specify how the user's calls are handled.
Exchange lines > Exchange line routing > Exchange line routing outgoing
Selecting exchange line routing seperately for users.
User > Phone numbers > > Exchange line settings
Selecting exchange line routing outgoing configuration-dependent/time-controlled for users.
User > Profiles > > Exchange line settings
Setting up the maximum duration for external calls and reaction to emergency calls.
Functions > Call Through
Setting up the mobile telephone as a telephone and assigning it to a user.
Telephones > Assignment
Alternative functions on an internal/external phone:
Switching on/off the calling of the user's mobile telephones
*Description of operation under FMC