For individual data (e.g. company vacations). General holidays are added with Insert list of holidays or alternatively by double-clicking a day.
*Details about settings under Adding
Deleting calendar
All holidays entered into the calendar will be deleted.
*Further help under Configuration switchover
Entered holidays of a PBX of the COMtrexx series that were previoulsy exported and saved on a data storage device in *.ft format, are imported here.
*Further help under Configuration switchover
The entered holidays are saved to the (PC) data storage device in an *.ft file so they can be imported afterwards to a different PBX of the COMtrexx series.
*Further help under Configuration switchover
Insert list of holidays
The holidays valid for the country/federal state are added for an indefinite period. Holidays with yearly changing dates are calculated automatically by the PBX.
*Note: Holidays inserted in this manner can be edited or deleted individually as needed. Each of these changes is carried out automatically for all calendar years.
*Further help under Configuration switchover