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Configuration switchover
Some functions can, e.g. be configured differently according to the day, night, weekend, vacation or holidays. They are assigned to different configurations for this purpose.
Switching from one configuration to another can be carried out in two different ways:
time-controlled (automatic configuration switchover)
Configuration-dependent functions
Profile assignment for user (and with it e.g.: exchange line routing outgoing, call forwarding for users)
Profile assignment for groups (and with it e.g.: announcement before answering, exchange line routing outgoing, call forwarding for groups)
Profile assignment for voice mail and fax boxes (and with it e.g.: readiness)
Exchange line routing incoming (call distribution, fallback, call forwarding for external phone numbers)
Door terminal distribution
Relay settings in the configuration-dependent mode
*Further help under Exchange line routing
*Further help under Profiles
Creating configurations.
Functions > Time control > Configurations
Making settings configuration-dependent/time-controlled.
Exchange lines > Exchange line routing > Exchange line routing incoming > Call distribution for
User > Profiles
Groups > Profiles
Voice mail and fax boxes > Profiles
External Devices > Door stations
External Devices > Relays (actuators)
Switching on the authorisation for configuration switching for the involved internal phones.
User > Phone numbers > > Authorisations
Switching on/off automatic configuration switchover (time-controlled).
Functions > Time control > Configurations
Creating switching times for automatic configuration switchover.
Functions > Time control > Switching times
Switching on configuration.
Functions > Time control > Configurations
Alternative functions on an internal/external phone:
Configuration switchover
*Description of operation under Configuration switchover
Switching on/off automatic configuration switchover
*Note: Using a phone, switch the system relay with operation mode automatic configuration switchover and the Identification number 900 (factory settings).
*Description of operation under Relays