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Internal IP telephony
The connected VoIP telephones receive the data needed for registration (VoIP registrar, internal number and password) by provisioning via the provisioning server of the PBX. Before configuring internal numbers and associated passwords, users have to be created.
*Further help under User
*Further help under Provisioning
By upgrading with a NET module (only COMtrexx Business), there is the possibility to operate the internal IP telephony in a network seperated from an external Internet telephony.
*Further help under Network interface (second)
Configuring a VoIP channel as internal channel for each internal VoIP user planned.
Administration > VoIP > VoIP configuration > Distribution of the VoIP channels
If required, configuring the SIP port of the internal VoIP registrar.
Administration > VoIP > VoIP configuration > SIP
If required, switching on the DiffServ to increase the VoIP call quality.
Administration > VoIP > VoIP configuration > Quality of Service (QoS)
If required, changing the jitterbuffer value to increase the VoIP call quality.
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