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Configuration of the door call
Configuration of the door call
Select the door call to be configured.
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DTMF sequence
Enter the request that is assigned to the door bell button within the door terminal (possible entries: Digits and characters *, #).
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SIP invite
Enter the SIP invites which the connected door terminal uses as signal. (Possible entries: Digits and the characters * and #).
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Configuration of different configurations.
*Further help under Configuration switchover
Destination number
Select or enter the required call destination (external number, internal number of the individual phone, internal number of the group).
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Call duration
Select a call duration during which a door call is to be signalled to an internal user. The maximum call duration set in the connected door terminal will be limited by the PBX.
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Exchange line dialling / number presentation | DDI
Specific selection of the external connection and the number to be transmitted with it.
All ext. lines or internal All fields must be filled out!
Door calls can be made on internal or on all external channels.
External Connection
Door calls will be made on the selected external connection.
Entry of the DDI to be transmitted from the extensions block.
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Second ringer
A second ringer can additionally be installed at locations where ringing of the phone will not always be heard. It will be triggered by a relay with the operating mode second ringer which is assigned to the door call.
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