Templates are provided by Auerswald in the form of XML files that can be used in the PBX. They provide a basic configuration and can be imported, exported and partly edited using the web interface.
Provider template
A provider template sets a configuration for the PBX that makes the configuration with a certain provider easier and allows a preferably problem-free operation. It describes how the PBX works with the provider.
As far as required from the provider, the template can be edited using the web interface.
*Further help under VoIP
Provisioning templates
A provisioning template is adjusted to the manufacturer of the end device and contains for example information about the account, the provider or function keys.
*Further help under Provisioning
Device template
Different device templates for different devices and manufacturers are provided. In addition, user-defined templates can be selected.
A device template contains device-specific information such as how a device is controlled or how many outputs a device has.
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