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Loudspeaker Audio Out
This function enables loudspeaker announcements over an active loudspeaker (for example, a loudspeaker system in a waiting room). In addition, a previously specified telephone number is called by an internal telephone. The call connection is immediately established after dialling the telephone number.
In order to make loudspeaker announcements, a device that can be used as announcement output (e.g. an a/b-Audiobox at a loudspeaker system) must be connected to the PBX. This announcement output must be created in the configuration of the PBX and assigned an internal number to call it.
*Description of operation under Loudspeaker Audio Out
Creating an announcement output with internal number.
External Devices > Device wizard
Creating a relais and assigning it to an announcement output.
External Devices > Announcement outputs
If required, making additional settings for the announcement output.
External Devices > Announcement outputs
Switching on the authorisation for speaker announcements for the involved internal phones.
User > Phone numbers > > Authorisations