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System messages
System messages are used to inform administrators and users about system events such as operating errors.
The following different types of system events are possible:
system information, e.g. automatic memory clean-up and memory check (Voice Mail/Fax function), switch between configurations, switch relays on/off, send system e-mails, register on the web interface
simple malfunctions, e.g. automatic memory clean-up and memory check (Voice Mail/Fax function) errors or errors when sending softphone registration data
serious malfunctions, e.g. fan fault (only COMtrexx Business), alarm temperature exceeded (only COMtrexx Business)
security warnings, e.g. failed login attempts, entries in the IP blocklist, Admin password change
Occuring events are logged and can be looked at under:
Administration > Maintenance > System messages
E-mails with information about the events can also be sent.
Requirements for the transfer of e-mails
Configured outgoing mail server
*Further help under E-mail
Configured DNS server and, if necessary, an HTTP proxy server
*Further help under Network
Set up the sending of system e-mails and event logging.
Administration > Maintenance > Message Configuration
Voice mail and fax boxes > Basic Settings > Basic settings for all voice mail and fax boxes
Configuring E-Mail Transfer seperately for voice and fax boxes.
Voice mail and fax boxes > Phone numbers > > Box settings