This PBX supports the operation of the Auerswald COMfortel SoftPhone and softphones from other manufacturers (also called soft clients).
COMfortel SoftPhone
*Important: The COmfortel SoftPhone is available licence-free for a limited period of time. For permanent use, please contact your dealer or system partner.
The COMfortel SoftPhone is a multi-platform client for Windows, Android and iOS.
The COMfortel SoftPhone is provisioned via the PBX.
The registration information for the COMfortel SoftPhone can be sent to the user by e-mail.
Thanks to the proxy service, the COMfortel SoftPhone is also available on the smartphone regardless of the location. No VPN connection is needed.
*Further information on the COMfortel SoftPhone operation can be found in the COMfortel SoftPhone Operation Manual. You will find this in the Internet under: Auerswald Support/FONtevo Support.
*For more information on the proxy service via the Auerproxy server, please refer to the COMtrexx data protection declaration. You will find this in the Internet under: Auerswald Support/FONtevo Support or here: Dashboard > Status information > Legal > Data protection
Requirements for the transfer of e-mails
Configured outgoing mail server
*Further help under E-mail
Configured DNS server and, if necessary, an HTTP proxy server
*Further help under Network
Activate the proxy service to use the COMfortel SoftPhone.
Administration > VoIP > VoIP configuration > Proxy server for COMfortel SoftPhone > Use proxy
Set up the phone and assign it to a user. COMfortel SoftPhone: Enter an e-mail address for the transmission of the registration information.
Telephones > Assignment > New
Type:SIP soft client
Send registration link
*Note: Softphones are very often not tied to a location and are therefore created by default without a location. The correctly assigned location is necessary, among other things, so that the PBX can properly initiate an emergency call.
*Further help under Emergency calls

Install Softphone in the device.
*The installation file for the COMfortel SoftPhone can be found on the Internet at Auerswald Support/FONtevo Support. COMfortel SoftPhone Mobile: The clients are installed via the Google Play Store or Mac App Store.

Enter user name and password in the softphone.
*Note: The registration information for the COMfortel SoftPhone is emailed to the user when the phone is set up. Sending can be restarted later (e.g. after changing the user):
Telephones > Assignment > > Send registration data again
*Note: The registration information can be copied here:
Telephones > Assignment >
SIP user name
Password > Edit PIN and password