Language file
The available language files (default language files, user-defined language files) are displayed.
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Opens the page to view the different text elements.
Opens the configuration of the user-defined language file.
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Creates a new entry.
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Freely selectable name. This name is used to identify the language file within the PBX.
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Deletes the entries marked in the list.
Select and import a language file (*.xml) that is stored on a data storage device (PC).
The name of the file must be unambiguous. It is displayed in the web interface and cannot be changed.
The file structure of the imported language file must be identical to the file structure of the default language file. To this end, export a language file to your PC and Edit the text fields in the language template without changing the structure of the *.xml file.
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The list of providers is saved to the data storage device (PC) in an *.xml file.
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