Profile Configuration
Select the profile you want to display/configure.
*Further help under Profiles
Accept profile settings from
Select the profil whose settings are to be taken.
*Further help under Profiles
Profile-controlled settings
The profile setting overrides the user setting.
*Note: When switched off, the setting made for the user is valid.
*Further help under Profiles
Relay switching
The user can switch relays manually.
*Further help under Relays (actuators)
Controlling of the PBX via phone
The user may change settings of the PBX (e.g. Do-not-Disturb) using a menu/function key or a character string.
*Further help under Access authorisations
Opening door
The user may not open a door.
The user can phone with the selected door and open the door by pressing a key.
All doors
The user can phone with all doors and open the doors by pressing a key.
*Further help under Door functions
Features to be configured by the network provider (CF, key pad)
The user can
forward the own external number via phone.
send keypad information to the exchange line.
*Further help under Call forwarding
Configuring CF (sub) to ext. number
The user can forward the associated external number to an external destination.
*Further help under Call forwarding
CF (groups) / Follow-me
The user can
switching group properties of groups which the user is a member of.
switch on Follow-me.
*Further help under Follow-me