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Access authorisations
In order to prevent important settings from being changed accidentally or by unauthorised people, the PBX can be protected from unauthorised access.
The administrator has unrestricted access to the web interface (access with the admin user name and admin password). The PBX can completely be configured and the PINS and passwords of all internal users can be changed with this access.
Users (internal users)
The user is any internal user of the PBX. For each user, a user PIN is generated. It is used, among other things, to access the voice mail and fax box and for the functions FMC and Roaming User.
Additional app passwords for users
PBX access data must be saved frequently in external systems. This will lead to security risks, if these systems are insufficiently secured.
Therefore, additional user passwords for accessing the web interface or API can be generated (currently not used).
If an app password has been generated for the user and the corresponding access authorisation has been enabled, the previous user password loses the access authorisation for the correspondig application.
Configuring administrator access.
Administration > Contact information > Administrator access
Change the automatically generated user PINs.
User > Phone numbers > > Basic Settings
Generating additional app passwords (web interface/API) for a user.
User > Phone numbers > > Basic Settings
Configuring authorisation for controlling of the PBX via phone.
User > Phone numbers > > Authorisations
Password that consists of at least 8 characters containing digits, letters (upper and lower case, but no German umlauts and ß) and special characters - _ . ! ~ * ' ( ) & = + $ , .
Specific characteristic of the Admin password: All characters can be used without restrictions.
Passwords with a low security level cannot be saved. A high level does not necessarily indicate a secure password.
*Note: General rule: The more complex the password, the shorter it can be. The longer the password, the simpler the character strings used can be. Coloured bars provide direct visual feedback about the password strength when a password is entered.
*Caution: Visible PINs and passwords are a security risk.
The PIN consists of 6 digits.
All the PINs in the PBX are unique. For this reason, you cannot assign the same PIN twice.
Do not use dates of birth, dates or easy-to-guess PINs like 111111 or 123456.
Setting a user PIN is not absolutely necessary.
*Caution: Visible PINs and passwords are a security risk.