SIP port of the internal VoIP registrar
You will need to change this if one of the VoIP providers you use uses the default value 5060 set here.
*Important: If the SIP port is modified while it is running, all the calls will be interrupted.
*Note: The page Administration > Network > Ports shows an overview of the PBX ports (incoming and outgoing).
*Note: Change the SIP port in all VoIP phones that are connected to the PBX.
*Further help under VoIP
SIPS port of the internal VoIP registrar
The internal SIPS port is calculated automatically from the SIP port + 1.
*Further help under VoIP
VoIP registrar Ethernet interface
Defines the network interface for the VoIP registrar and therefore, two possible usage scenarios:
Only one network interface
VoIP provider at the LAN 2 connection
Internal VoIP on LAN connection 2
VoIP completely on LAN connection 2
*Further help under Network interface (second)
*Further help under VoIP