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Announcement before answering
This function allows a greeting message to be played to the caller before accepting the call and/or if all group members are busy. If busy, the caller is then put on hold.
If the announcement before answering is enabled, the number of transferred calls through the waiting loop must be limited via Busy-on-Busy so that there are no more callers on hold than can be handled.
*Further help under Busy-on-Busy
Calls are accepted with announcement before answering in the following way:
1.The call is accepted by the PBX (also if busy).
2.The caller hears an announcement while the free group members are called.
The following rules/restrictions apply:
The external caller is charged.
Optionally, free group members can be called after the announcement.
If all the group members are busy, the caller is put on hold after the announcement.
3.As soon as one of the called phones accepts the call or if busy, finishes the previous call, he is connected to the caller.
The following rules/restrictions apply:
After the announcement before answering, the caller is put on hold by the PBX for max. 8 minutes. If the call is not taken within these 8 minutes, it is disconnected.
The on hold time is reduced if internal phones are ringing but not taking the call. Then the caller is rejected after less than 8 minutes.
Managing and assigning audio files for announcements. If required, switching on music on hold also during the ringing period.
Functions > Music on Hold/announcements
Configuring announcement before answering seperately for groups. If required, additionnaly configuring Busy-on-Busy.
Groups > Telephone Number > > Reachability
Configuring announcement before answering configuration-dependent.
Groups > Profiles > > Reachability
Alternative function on an internal phone:
Recording, listening to and deleting announcements.
*Description of operation under Announcement before answering