Logging activated
A protocol can be recorded to log and display control and management information about the connections to the PBX e.g. to display errors. You will therefore be able to see the type of error, and maybe even its cause, from the list of transferred information.
*Important: If logging in PCAP format has been selected, anyone within the network can record a log over IP. This protocol also displays sensitive data, such as call connection data. Therefore, logging should only be activated if it is needed for error analysis purposes.
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Logging system
System for executing the logging.Status: Displays whether recording is taking place and from which address.
PCAP format (wireshark)
Logging in PCAP format. The recording can be done with a PC program that supports the PCAP format (e.g. Wireshark).
Syslog server
For this purpose configured syslog server. Logging of the connection data will start as soon as you have saved your settings.
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Syslog server IP
IPv4 or IPv6 address of the syslog server.
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Syslog server port
UDP port of the syslog server.
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Import of a file in the supported formats *.cfc and *.cfg for activating certain log categories.
*Note: These log categories remain active only for the time configured in this file.
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