Provisioning server active
Certain IP phones and DECT base stations are automatically configured via the PBX. The PBX transmits as provisioning server the configuration data to the device.
Requirement for the transfer is that the device has been created in the PBX and that a provisioning file has been assigned.
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Auto provisioning active
If an IP telephone or DECT base station is connected with the PBX, the PBX checks on request if there is a suitable template for this device type. In the case of a match, the PBX transfers the URL of the provisioning server to the device and assigns the suitable provisioning file to the device. Configuration data is transferred to the device.
*Note: If there is another PBX with connected devices in the same network, it is recommended to keep this option disabled. Auto-provisioning can only be switched on after all devices in the network have been checked for the necessity of automatic configuration (and the associated implementation of appropriate measures).
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Access without client certificate (unsafe operation)
Only enable this function if you operate devices on the PBX that do not have an own client certificate.
*Further help under Certificates
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Provisioning only within local network
Provisioning is only carried out within the local network.
*Note: When switched off, provisioning can also be carried out on other possible networks (unsafe operation).
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Phone language after provisioning
Language that is displayed on the device after provisioning.
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