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Overview of Functions
Call forwarding allows calls to be forwarded, e.g. to a smartphone.
The PBX supports three different call forwarding types:
Call Forwarding for users
Call Forwarding for groups
Call Forwarding for external numbers
As there can be many different reasons for not accepting a call, for example, the user in question is not present or is on another line, three call forwarding types are provided:
immediately: The phone being called does not ring. The call is forwarded immediately.
on busy: The call is forwarded immediately but only if the phone being called is busy.
on no reply: The phone being called rings for a certain time. If the call is not accepted, it is forwarded.
*Note: A different destination can be configured for each call forwarding type.
*Note: If Enable Call Forward Busy and Call forwarding on no reply are enabled at the same time, both types apply. Depending on which case occurs – the telephone is busy or nobody answers it – the call is forwarded to their respective telephone numbers.
*Note: If Call forwarding immediately is enabled in addition to Enable Call Forward Busy and/or Call forwarding on no reply, all of the calls are forwarded immediately. In this case, the other call forwarding types are overridden, but remain enabled. As soon as Call forwarding immediately is disabled, the other types that are still enabled are again applicable.