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Call Forwarding for users
When call forwarding for users is used, internal and external calls to single users can be rerouted to other internal phone numbers or external connections. In this way, the user in question or their substitute can take these calls on another phone.
Call forwarding for users makes sure that the user in question or their substitute is always available at his own phone number, even if the user cannot take a call on his own phone.
For call forwarding to an external number: The external destination must be reachable for the user. For this, the exchange line routing settings (with block- and allowlist) that apply to the user are checked before a call is forwarded.
*Further help under Exchange line routing
*Note: To avoid having to use a second call channel in the case of call forwarding to an external destination, the PBX tries to reroute the call directly at the network provider using call deflection. The following requirements must be fulfilled for this purpose: 1. The incoming call was made via a VoIP network provider supporting call deflection. 2. The rerouted phone number is neither called as a group member, nor is it required to consider parallel calling.
Enabling the following authorisations seperately for the involved internal users: Controlling of the PBX via phone, Configuring CF (sub) to ext. number
User > Phone numbers > > Authorisations
Enabling the authorisations for the involved internal users configuration-dependent/time-controlled:
User > Profiles > > Authorisations
Configuring, enabling call forwarding seperately for users and making the following additional settings: only external calls, CF on group call
User > Phone numbers > > Reachability
Configuring, enabling call forwarding configuration-dependent/time-controlled for users and making the additional settings.
User > Profiles > > Reachability
Alternative functions on an internal phone
*Note: For configuring using a character string on an internal phone, the user needs an authorisation for controlling of the PBX.
Configuring, enabling and disabling unconditional call forwardig
Configuring, enabling and disabling call forwardig if busy
Configuring, enabling and disabling call forwardig on no reply
Configuring and enabling call forwarding on an analogue T-Net phone via menu/T-Net function key (see phone manual)
*Description of operation under Call Forwarding for users