Dial plan
with name: display of the freely selectable name in addition to the telephone number.
without name: for a more compact overview only the telephone number is displayed.
all utilized: telephone numbers assigned with a certain phone number type.
all available: available telephone numbers.
according to the phone number type
The dial plan shows all of the internal numbers already created and any additional numbers that have been taken from the internal dial plan for the following phone number types:
Emergency and service numbers
Door stations
Announcement outputs
Automatic receptions
Call on hold
VoIP accounts
Voice mailboxes
Fax boxes
Short-code dialling numbers
Conference rooms
The internal dial plan of the PBX permits the allocation of 2 to 4-digit phone numbers in the 10 - 9999 range. Double allocation of a number is not possible.
Using phone numbers with few digits (two or three-digit numbers) inevitably restricts the possible supply of phone numbers requiring more digits. For example, if the phone number 12 is assigned, the phone numbers 120-129 and 1200-1299 are no longer available.
For some functions a 3-digit maximum phone numbers can be assigned because the last position is needed for the function (e.g. door terminal numbers, phone numbers for call parking).
*Note: The exchange line access number on the PBX is 0 in the factory settings. However, this can be changed. Note that changing the exchange line access number restricts the dial plan.
*Further help under Internal numbers
Configuring an entry
When clicking on a used telephone number (blue coloured), the configuration of the respective phone number type. Use Back to get back to the dial plan from the configuration page.