A restart (reboot) is when you cause the PBX to reboot while it is already functioning. The configuration of the PBX is not deleted.
A restart is required, for example, in the following situations:
After the operating software on the PBX has been updated (firmware update)
After the operating software on the PBX crashes
After a change to the configuration that cannot be applied when the PBX is in operation
There are also various options for performing a restart yourself, if necessary.
Automatic restart
An automatic restart is executed after the following functions have been carried out:
Instant firmware update
Restoring firmware (reboot)
Restoring Factory Settings
Restoring Configuration Data from a Restoration Point
Resetting configuration
*Note: Resetting the configuration requires only a limited restart. Only a part of the PBX functions is restarted. All calls are terminated and all data services are closed. The web server remains unaffected by this.
Manual restart
Proceed as follows for a manual restart:
*Note: During an immediate restart, no consideration is made of existing calls which means that all connections to the web server, all calls and all data services are closed immediately. Unsaved data is lost.
Immediate restart.
Administration > Maintenance > Update and Restart > Restart
Alternative function by pressing a key on the PBX (only COMtrexx Business)
Initiate reboot
*Description of operation under Initiate reboot