Contacts can be created in the PBX and managed in contact groups. When the LDAP server is activated, these contacts or contact groups can be transferred to phones connected to the PBX, provided they support it.
Contact Groups
The contact groups serve to manage contact data (phone numbers, names, contact pictures, addresses and e-mail / Internet addresses). The contact data can be used by the connected phones (if supported) for dialling and for displaying incoming calls.
For example, to organize large address books by department, the contacts can be assigned to different contact groups. In addition, contact groups can be used to distinguish between different types of phones.
New contacts are automatically assigned to the specified standard contact groups either as soon as they are created (when you click the New button), or they are imported as a vCard or from the call data list. However, contacts that have been created by importing a contact file (csv import) are not automatically assigned to a standard contact group.
You can define one or more contact group(s) as your standard contact group.
*Note: If a large number of phones are connected to the PBX, or large volumes of contact details are to be uploaded, it may in certain cases take several hours before the contact data is available to all the phones after the PBX has been commissioned.
LDAP server
The LDAP server is needed to transfer the PBX's contact data to those IP end devices which support this transfer method (e.g. SIP phones with LDAP support). Any contact data that is input directly on a phone is not transferred to the central contact files.
The LDAP server's IP address matches the PBX's IP address and is predefined.
When switched off, the security and performance of the PBX are improved. No contact data can be transferred to the IP end devices.
Auerswald/FONtevo provides LDAP support for the following IP end devices:
IP telephone
COMfortel 1200 IP
IP telephones
COMfortel 1400 IP / 2600 IP / 3600 IP (from firmware version 2.4A)
IP telephones
COMfortel D-100/D-110/D-200/D-210/D-400/D-600
*Note: Data is sent to D-series telephones via LDAPS, in encrypted format.
*Note: The COMfortel WS-500S and COMfortel WS-500M DECT base stations and the COMfortel M-5x0 handsets connected directly to these base stations are also supported.
Enter the following values into the IP end device to transfer the contact data from the LDAP server of the PBX to the IP end device:
Selected contact groups (e.g. in the factory settings)
Contacts for individual users (e.g. for the internal number 31)
User name
telephoneNumber=user number,dc=auerswald
automatically generated password
User password of the user
*Note: You must enter the complete character string. Ensure you type the capital and lower-case letters correctly, and do not type any blank spaces before or after the , and =space.
*Note: In order to avoid input errors, on the web interface in the lines below the entry and list fields you can mark and copy the user name and BaseDN.
*For more information on data exchange with the LDAP server, take a look at the Privacy Policy of the COMtrexx. You will find this in the Internet under: Auerswald Support/FONtevo Support or here: Dashboard > Status information > Legal > Data protection
Creating and assigning contacts.
User data > Contacts and assignment > Contacts and assignment > New
Creating contact groups.
User data > Contacts and assignment > Contact Groups > New
Defining authorisations for contact groups.
User data > Contacts and assignment > Authorisations
Switching on the default standard contact group for the user.
User data > Contacts and assignment > Authorisations
Activating LDAP server.
User data > Contacts and assignment > Settings