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Firmware Update
When firmware is updated, errors are corrected or new features are installed. To do this, the device establishes a connection to a server in order to download the most current firmware (the device settings remain intact).
*Note: If you have just performed a firmware update and an error message appears when you log into the web interface, please empty your web browser's cache or wait for about five minutes before logging in again.
*Note: Some of the functional upgrades provided as part of a firmware update require additional configuration parameters. Sometimes not all these parameters can be determined automatically from the previous firmware version. This is why you need to edit some parts of the configuration manually in this type of update.
*Note: After a firmware update, you usually require a new version of the instructions.
*You will find the up-to-date instructions on the Internet under Auerswald Support/FONtevo Support.
When an instant firmware update is activated via the update server, the firmware update is initiated automatically. A connection to the update server is set up and then the server sends the latest firmware to the PBX.
Requirements for firmware update via update server
Requirements for firmware update via update server and for the search of firmware updates:
PBX connected to broadband Internet access
Configured address of the update server
Configured DNS server and, if necessary, an HTTP proxy server
Configured gateway
*Further help under Network
*For more information on data exchange with the update server, take a look at the Privacy Policy of the COMtrexx. You will find this in the Internet under:Auerswald Support/FONtevo Support or here: Dashboard > Status information > Legal > Data protection
Firmware update options:
Manual Firmware Update
Administration > Maintenance > Update and Restart > Store firmware in the PBX
Firmware update via update server
Administration > Maintenance > Update and Restart > Firmware update via update server
Restoring firmware
Administration > Maintenance > Update and Restart > Restart
Alternative function by pressing a key on the PBX (only COMtrexx Business)
Restoring firmware
*Description of operation under Restoring firmware
Alternative functions on an internal/external phone
Initiating an automatic PBX update
*Description of operation under Firmware Update