Date and Time
The PBX has an internal clock that gives out time and date.
This PBX time is required to carry out functions such as switching configurations.
Furthermore, the PBX time is displayed on a connected end device, if it supports this function.
During a power failure or PBX reset, the PBX time is lost. The PBX time can be updated as follows:
Taken from PC.
From the Internet from an NTP server, if activated.
Only COMtrexx Business: Using the buffered real-time clock. It saves the time for approx. two hours in the case of a power outage.
*Note: The switch to/from daylight savings is done automatically for the PBX time.
Furthermore, the PBX can be provided as NTP server for other devices in the same network so that they receive the actual date and time.
*For more information on data exchange with the public NTP server, take a look at the Privacy Policy of the COMtrexx. You will find this in the Internet under: Auerswald Support/FONtevo Support or here: Dashboard > Status information > Legal > Data protection
Configuring date and time.
Administration > Date and Time
Providing the PBX as NTP server.
Administration > Date and Time > Automatic distribution