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Exchange line settings
Select the user to be displayed/configured.
Overridden by profile
The settings done are only valid as long as they are not overridden by a profile.
[Name configuration]
In the displayed configuration, the function is overridden by the displayed setting.
not overridden
The function is currently not overridden by a profile.
(not profile-controlled)
The function cannot be controlled with a profile.
*Further help under Profiles
Prevention of emergency calls
Emergency calls cannot be made. The user hears a corresponding announcement.
*Further help under Emergency calls
Transmit the own number
Assigns an account, and therefore also a location, to the user. You can select the accounts that have been assigned to the user in the call distribution.
Defines the phone number of the assigned account as the phone number that will handle outgoing phone numbers.
*Further help under Number presentation
Exchange line routing (outgoing)
Defines by selecting a rule under which conditions exchange line calls are performed.
*Further help under Exchange line routing