Configuration file | Import
Select and import a configuration file (*.cfg) that is stored on a (PC) data storage device. Some data packages are optional and can be selected for import.
*Important: Saving an old configuration overwrites the current configuration data.
*Note: A configuration file that was created with an older firmware version, may possibly not contain all of the configuration data (for example, data for new functions that were added by a firmware update).
*Further help under Backup
Configuration file | Export
The configuration is saved to the (PC) data storage device as configuration file (*.cfg). Some data packages are optional and can be selected for export.
*Further help under Backup
Delete current configuration and start with a new configuration | reset
When resetting the configuration, the following parameters are maintained:
Admin user name, admin PIN and admin password
IP address settings
Web server port setting
NTP server settings
Contact information
Saved hold music and announcements
Call data
System messages
Restoration points
The following server services remain enabled:
*Further help under Backup
Regenerate configuration
When regenerating the configuration, the configuration data is read out of the PBX. The database is reset and the configuration data is restored to the PBX once more. This eliminates internal errors the configuration data may contain. The configuration of the PBX remains unchangend.
*Further help under Backup