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Overview of Functions
The current configuration data on the PBX can be backed up on a data storage device as *.cfg or in the PBX as restoration point. When the configuration file is created, there is the option of saving the configuration data without any network settings, PBX data, contact images or music on hold/announcements so that the configuration file can also be saved in other PBXs.
Network settings
The network settings include the following data:
IP configuration (DHCP client setting, IP address, Sub-network mask, Gateway)
DNS configuration (First DNS server, Second DNS server)
HTTP proxy configuration (HTTP proxy settings)
Port of the web server
PBX data
The PBX data include the following data:
PBX name
Admin user name
Contact information
Admin PIN
Admin password
Legal notes
*Important: Note the following legal notes before saving the backup.
The backup includes, amongst others, the following legally especially protected components:
Configuration of the PBX
Names of internal users
Passwords of PBX, users, VoIP accounts and VoIP users
Address books of the PBX
Connection data sets with destination, source, and time information of a telecommunication connection
Before the backup is being saved, all users to the PBX must be informed that these contents will be forwarded and about who will use the data received. It is essential to store the data securely and in accordance with the legal requirements. You must ensure that all legal requirements are met if you want to supply the data backup to your specialised dealer or the manufacturer for error analysis.
Accept the legal notes by entering "ok" in the entry field.
Variants for backing up and recovering:
Saving and reading out the configuration data
Administration > Maintenance > Backup > Configuration
Delete current configuration and start with a new configuration
Administration > Maintenance > Backup > Configuration
Regenerate configuration
Administration > Maintenance > Backup > Configuration
Inserting and restoring from restoration points
Administration > Maintenance > Backup > Restoration points
Automatic upload
Using the PBX (only COMtrexx Business)
Alternative function by pressing a key on the PBX (only COMtrexx Business)
Restoring factory settings
*Description of operation under Restoring factory settings