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Configuration of Automatic upload
COMtrexx Business in the delivery state
On a USB memory stick saved configuration file with the name auconfig.cfg
*Warning: Touching live conductors or telephone connections may cause a life-threatening electric shock.
For some installation and maintenance work, it is necessary to open the PBX while it is in operation (this should only be done by a qualified electrician). Make sure that the PBX is never left unattended while it is running with an open casing. Close the casing when installation has been completed.
Only qualified electricians should perform installation work within an open housing or perform service tasks using the buttons inside the casing. If necessary, commission an authorised dealer to perform this work.
*Warning: Power surges, which may occur during electrical storms, can cause life-threatening electric shocks, or damage or destroy the PBX.
Do not open the PBX during an electrical storm.
1.Switch off the PBX.
2.Insert the USB memory stick into the USB socket (USB host) on the CPU module.
3.Switch on the PBX.
The configuration data saved on the USB memory stick are automatically loaded into the PBX. The PBX then restarts.
If the Power LED lights up in green again, the restart is complete and the PBX is ready for operation.
*Note: If the Power LED remains continuously lit in red, an error has occurred. Please contact your dealer or the manufacturer directly.
*Note: Network settings in the configuration file are adopted during automatic loading. If these network settings were not saved in the configuration file, the network settings of the factory settings are kept.