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Exchange line request
Exchange line request describes the process of an exchange line allocation.
The PBX distinguishes between two types of exchange line requests.
Automatic exchange line request
In factory settings, the automatic exchange line request is switched on.
Neither for internal nor for external numbers a prefix is required (exception: ** for targeted VoIP access). The PBX automatically distinguishes between internal and external numbers with the adjustment of the dialled phone number and the internal dial plan.
If the phone number is contained in the dial plan, the PBX establishes an internal connection.
If the phone number is not contained in the dial plan, the PBX establishes an external connection.
The following rules/restrictions apply:
In order to have a correct distinction between internal numbers and phone numbers in the local area network, the internal dial plan must not contain phone numbers that also occur within the local area network. To avoid conflicts, phone numbers of the local area network should always be dialled with local area code.
Also when the entered phone number corresponds with the internal dial plan, the PBX waits up to 4 seconds for whether additional digits for an external number are being entered, before it dials the internal number. To avoid waiting time, you can subsequently enter #. The PBX therefore recognises the input as finished and instantly starts dialling.
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Internal phone
The user has to dial an external number with preceding exchange line access number.
The exchange line access number on the PBX is 0 in the factory settings. However, this can be changed. Changing the exchange line access number reduces the dial plan.
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Targeted VoIP access point
Each account can be assigned its own exchange line access number for targeted dialling via a specific account. Also this exchange line access number reduces the dial plan.
The check for emergency calls is always performed on the basis of where the telephone making the call is located. For this reason, the account is only used as the preferred account.
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Configuring exchange line request and, if necessary, exchange line number.
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Assigning a seperate exchange line access number to an account.
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