Call forwarding general
Select the account to be displayed/configured.
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Call forwarding method
Call forwardings at the exchange line are configured and performed in different ways. The exchange line, router or the provider determines which one of the call forwardings listed below can be used.
The call forwarding is controlled in the PTMP exchange line. The digit sequence depends on the provider or router.
Call Deflection
Call forwarding shall be executed directly by the exchange line. The PBX sends a corresponding message with new destination number to the exchange line. Accordingly, the call is forwarded to the new destination by the provider/exchange line.
2nd B channel
The call forwarding is performed by the PBX during a call. It is possible for all exchange line types but requires a free voice channel and the number of the caller cannot be displayed unless CLIP no screening is used which is not supported by many providers.
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For call forwarding via the PBX, use any available call channel
When an external number is forwarded, the call can be forwarded via a call channel on any of the other accounts.
*Note: When switched off, a call can only be redirected via a call channel on the same account. The probability that the call cannot be forwarded because the channels are busy is therefore higher.
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Renew Call Forwarding at PBX reboot
When rebooting the PBX, the saved data of the Call Forwarding is renewed.
*Important: In Switzerland, the configuration of a call forwarding is chargeable. To avoid costs, the check box must be disabled.
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Delay time for call forwarding on no reply via PBX
This delay time for external numbers specifies the time (in seconds) after which a call is forwarded if the called user does not respond.
*Note: The waiting time applies only to call forwarding that was set up using the PBX. If the network provider has configured the call forwarding function, the waiting time depends on their settings and cannot be configured in the PBX.
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Exchange line routing (outgoing)
Defines by selecting a rule under which conditions call forwardings are performed.
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