The following preparations must be made in advance to ensure configuration runs smoothly.
Delete settings that are no longer required
Delete the following settings in the PBX that is to be used as the a/b gateway because they are no longer required.
Address Books
Creating a telephone numbering plan
The same internal phone numbers for the analogue telephones must be used in both PBXs. To achieve this, first create a valid telephone numbering plan for both PBXs.
Note the following points for the internal phone numbers for analogue telephones:
The phone numbers in the following components must be identical
in the COMtrexx: User
in the PBX used as the a/b gateway: Subscriber, account MSN
Phone numbers must have at least 3 digits
*Note: An additional telephone number range for account numbers must be added to the telephone numbering plan of the PBX to be used as an a/b gateway. Ideally this should be composed as follows: digit + internal number of each telephone.
Unused telephone number range: 9...
Internal numbers of the analogue telephones: 201 - 211
Account numbers: 9201 - 9211

A table in which the following values can be stored temporarily may be useful during configuration (especially for larger installations):
Internal number