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Configuring Providers
You need to know the IP address and port of the COMtrexx

Configuration location:
The PBX system used as the a/b gateway
Public switched tel. networks > VoIP > Provider

Components to be configured:
A provider based on the following template: International > int Auerswald PBX sub system IPv4 V201
Import > select the template > Import provider

Make the following settings for the provider:
SIP > Domain: COMtrexx IP address
SIP > Registrar: IP address and port of the COMtrexx
Settings > Sub-system operation: on
Settings > The provider has emergency call ability: on
Number presentation (outgoing) > Format of called phone number: send as dialled
Number presentation (outgoing) > Format of own phone number: Without country code (e. g. 05306...)
Number presentation (outgoing) > Number presentation type: In the display text
Number presentation (outgoing) > Method of number presentation suppression: Anonymous