Overview of Auerswald Automatic Provisioning and Update



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  2. Automatic Provisioning and Update
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Automatic Provisioning and Update

The automatic process runs

The following configuration options affect the processes:

Auto-provisioning Use the automatic provisioning. Default: enabled
Provisioning with DHCP data Use the automatic provisioning. Default: enabled
Redirect Server Use the redirect service at https://connect.redirect.auerswald.de. Default: enabled
Provisioning server URL URL for provisioning. Default: not set
Check for updates Default: disabled
Automatically install update Install updates if available. Default: disabled
Update Server URL URL for update. Default: www.auerswald-update.de

If provisioning is enabled, the provisioning process runs first and will trigger the update process on successful completion or if there is nothing to do.




If DHCP options are set, these are used regardless of configuration variables.

Option 66 is used for the server name.
Option 67 is used for the provisioning file name.

Option 66 must contain a scheme (http, https and tftp are supported).
Option 67 is parsed for special strings which are replaced by device values.

   Name of the device. The following table depicts the values presented by every device:

device replacement
COMfortel 3600 IP CF3600IP
COMfortel 2600 IP CF2600IP
COMfortel 1400 IP CF1400IP
COMfortel 3500 CF3500
COMfortel 3200 CF3200

   Mac address of the device in hexadecimal and uppercase letters.
   Due to legacy reasons, the COMfortel 3500 and 3200 return lowercase letters.
   Serial number of the device.

If DHCP option 66 is not set, the redirection server can provide an URL.

If neither DHCP nor the redirection provide an URL, the configuration variable is read and parsed for special strings as above.

The device then downloads the provisioning file from the resulting URL. If no URL is configured, the process ends and triggers the update process.

If an error occurs (invalid URL, failed to download, invalid file, ...) the whole process is stopped (i.e. NO update is carried out). The user is notified in the status bar.




The device downloads the file update_info.xml from the configured update URL (factory set to www.auerswald-update.de). The following query parameters are appended:

type F6 for COMfortel 3500.
FC for COMfortel 3200.
FE for COMfortel 2600 IP.
FD for COMfortel 1400 IP.
03 for COMfortel 3600 IP.
firmware Current firmware version. Version number, followed by build number zero-padded to      5 digits. Ex. 1.6A-00000.
lang Country variant, currently "int" for international.
serial Device serial number.
hwrev Hardware revision.


The format of this file is as follows:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
        <Version name="<VERSION>" url="<FWIMAGE>"/> </UpdateInfo>
                Version name, as shown in Device Information. Version number, followed by build     number zero-padded to 5 digits. Ex. 1.6A-00000.
                URL to firmware image, absolute or relative to configured update URL.


If the version does not match the currently running version, the version is considered "new". There is no explicit update or downdate check.

If automatic installation is selected, the device downloads the firmware image to the SD card, installs the firmware and reboots.

In case of errors, the user is notified in the status bar and the process stops.